Keras Ticket Classification


One of collest things about working with software is the largest number of opensource APIs available for utilization. Anyone can leverage some complex tool which abstracts a lot complexity, without a deep knowledge in the area, and then gain some knowledge about the complex process. That was my intention when I spent a couple of weekend exploring Keras, Keras is an highlevel Tensorflow API part, as i’m not a data scientist Keras was was a perfect initiation tool to understand how AI/NLP, Neural Networks and CNNs works in practice. The complete code can be found in the following github repo: TicketActivityClassifier.

That’s another text classification model, using an Neural network Classification doing basic Machine Learning stuff like in the below workflow.

How to create SAS (Shared Access Signature) and upload Azure Blob through Azure Storage REST API and native Ansible

This post shows how to use Shared Access Signature Authentication in Ansible using the native REST API, but the concept utilized here can be applied to any language and/or platform. The same SAS procedure/script can be used for any Azure Storage API integration like Tables and Queues.